I have been coming to you [Dr Czaplinska] for a little over 2 years and my appointments with you have made a world of difference. Before I started coming there were days I couldn’t bend to tie my shoes. Now my pain is under control. I have exercises and stretches to do in between appointments that are extremely helpful.Thank you, Dr C!
Lesheda Young
Simply put: I wouldn’t be able to walk if not for Dr C. I have a compression in my lower back, and regular treatments keep me comfortable and able to have a normal life. I would be facing surgery without chiropractic care.
Phyllis S
After looking into various web sites and checking on a few doctors, She was very positive about my problem. She also interview me about the problems, and inquired about my medical history before any sessions, X-rays, MRI, etc. No other doctors did this. She has always responded on my call backs as for no reason does my back mess-up and I’m in pain. I can walk in and get treatment –no problem. I’ve dealt with some various chiropractors over the years and, by far, she has been outstanding. Why you need help with pain problem, she is always helpful.
Tom Marks
Dr C has treated me since 2010 for shoulder pain and most recently bulging disks. Her treatment and attention to my allover healthy has improved my health. Dr C is very attentive to her patients and takes the time to determine the root cause of your issue. Doing this allows her to treat the cause, not just the symptoms.
RM Falick
After my head-on car accident, I experienced terrible pain in my neck and shoulder. Dr C has helped get me back to having full range of motion and no pain!
Not only that, I have never had to wait to be seen and service has been excellent.
Robert Botkin
1st Choice Chiropractic is AMAZING! Chiropractic services are such an excellent alternative to pain medications and other options. Dr C is extremely friendly and works to build an individual and unique relationship with every client.
Kelly Richardson